February 23, 2012

Thank you!

A big thank you to god, whom I turned to for help in my last blog post. The same person who had suggested that the generator be placed in the lawn area of the garden for vastu purposes has now said that is NOT the correct place! It will now be placed in the most unused part of our building compound...so, yaaaaaaay!

This is one instance that proves that if you wish hard enough for something, it will come true...just as the garden itself happened in my life.

February 08, 2012

A machine in the garden

Dear blog,

Today, I want to vent. The garden is in a bit of trouble.

There is a plan to set up a generator in one part of the garden, and I can't let this happen. Mainly because there are other places in the building where the generator can be placed.

Here are the details. The garden has been thriving well...the trees are already up to the first floor level and will take care of themselves. At one end, we had laid a lawn but it wasn't doing very well, so now it is just a patch of earth with some weeds and some grass. I had been very busy with my mother's illness the last 4 months and so haven't been able to pay attention.

In the meantime, good things have happened in my apartment complex. A new committee has taken over and they are doing great work. As part of development efforts, they have made it possible to buy a generator. However, looking for place for it, they have identified the most attractive part of the garden--the very place where we had laid the lawn. It is a nice square piece of land, with the passion flower creeper on one side, a papaya tree, an indigenous palm variety, a mosanda and a China box along the wall; and an African tulip and tree jasmine to the right, apart from the fig tree that I just planted. There are two benches which we constructed with waste material. Though it is not very neat, it is a lovely place to sit, with the trees above and the wet earth below one's feet.

We have the good fortune to have plenty of space all around our building, and I feel there are other places where the generator can be placed. I put my request across to the present Committee, with a plea not to put it in the lawn area. But I do not feel too encouraged by the response.

My reasons are listed below.

- It is important to have one patch of land (you can call it tot lot---mandatory in all complexes) where no cars come, and where children can play safely. The installation of a machine will change all this.
- It is important to be among plants and trees and breathe fresh air. This will no longer be possible if the generator is placed in the garden.
- Very rarely do apartment complexes have uncemented areas where one can walk on the earth. Our complex has such a space, and it is necessary to keep it that way. In fact I dream of 'uncementing' the rest of the garden space and putting dung water and muggulu every morning. If the generator is placed in the lawn area, the place will have to be cemented and raised.
- After the trees grew, we have been hearing more birds chirping in the morning; there are bees, butterflies and insects; I even saw a frog one day. Any naturalist will tell you that this is a great achievement, and a huge credit to our complex. If a generator is kept there, birds will stop coming. The best of generators have carbon monoxide emissions, which is sure to affect life in the garden, including the trees.

We have had plans to make this space attractive and unique, for people to relax, and for children to play.

What makes my cause more difficult is the theory that Vastu demands that the lawn side of the building should have weight on it...and the generator meets this criterion. I have a solution to this: we could have swings for children in that place...they are heavy; in fact, the trees themselves are already quite heavy, and will get heavier than the generator as they grow. So it should be okay, vastu-wise.

Oh God, help me as I try my best to save this precious space. I need all the luck in the world.