India's mystery baby

Each time I close Yahoo mail, I get to read about India's mystery baby --Aaradhya Bachchan. I am curious and click on the link to see a cryptic photo of Aishwarya Rai holding the baby. The infant is always covered from head to toe, and successfully hiding her face is someone's coat, or Aishwarya's dupatta, or the baby's cap, or some huge handbag or something. One photo showed Aishwarya on a morning walk, and talking to a 'fan' who is admiring the disguised baby.

As someone who raised two children, I have many questions: Is she really a baby or is it a doll Aishwarya is carrying around? How can a baby keep so still? How can a baby be covered thus in a hot country such as ours? (mine used to raise hell  till all wraps were off) How can the mom keep the baby's head pressed to her shoulder all the time? Is the baby already being taught acting and body language or what? Is the baby also wearing goggles? And nail paint? In the photo above, is she really feeding her?...the angle of the bottle seems to point to the baby's ear! And if she has started crawling, seriously, HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO HIDE HER FROM THE WORLD? Normal babies cry and kick and scream and drool and stare insolently at the everyone around them.

Come on, every baby is a delight, and a wonder of nature. I would have thought the Bachchans would hold up Aaradhya like Simba is held up by Mufasa, up on Pride Rock, for the whole world to see and say, Awwww!

For, that's all they would do, Abhishek and Aishwarya. Believe me. And like normal people you could just go home and remove the nazar, and all would be well. 


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