August 14, 2012

India @ 66

Today we show our national pride
through a profile picture

Sixty six years ago,
people were a little different

Today we support a cause by joining a page
They joined a march

We stand up for something through a status update
For them, it was a matter of status

We show our dissent by sharing a link
They formed a human chain

We spread awareness in less than 140 characters
Back then, a hundred and forty thousand took to the streets

We express our opinions from the comforts of our Wall
They did it from the confines of a cell

We raise an issue by standing in front of a camera
They stared down the barrel of a gun

We pledge support by sending an SMS
They sent someone from every family

So is it time for us to stop being passive observers
And start being active supporters?

Can we stop rallying from behind
And step up in front?

Let's borrow a little spirit of independence from history
And take it into the future

Maybe then national pride will last longer than just one day.

Happy Independence Day!

(From The Hindu, 15 August 2012)

1 comment:

Parvathi said...

I too just loved this was was an inspiring read...i suggested it to my sister who is at Sidney and while searching for it online,it is she who came upon your blog...and she in turn let me upon this...
Enjoyed reading through...lovely pics...I couldn't help but recall W.H.Davies lines:"What is this life,if,full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare..."