Pandavula guttalu

On a two-day visit to Warangal, we went to Pandavula guttalu in Parkal, about 45 km from Warangal. On the outskirts, we passed by a place where they were making sculptures of gods and politicians. We had to stop to check it out.

We then drove on, looking at paddy, cotton, tobacco and banana fields, with the gorgeous Telangana rocks dotting the landscape. There is no board of any sort to indicate the location of  Pandavula guttalu, so we had to ask people as we went along.

And then they suddenly appeared, spectacular, and quite different from the other rockscapes in the region. I later learnt that these were sedimentary rocks while the rock formations usually found in this region were igneous.

The rocks were majestic and there was no one around. Just two villagers sitting in a shed apparently doing nothing. One of them (Narayana) came to us, and he turned out to be a guide of sorts.He had obviously grown up there and loved the guttalu, and seemed to be working towards making this a tourist destination. We climbed up, led by Narayana, and he pointed out, high above, a painting of a deer outside a cave. We climbed for about 45 minutes, passing by stunning rocks, greenery, a spot with embedded foot prints which Narayana said were "Dharmaraju padalu", and came to a shallow cave ("like the hood of a snake", he said). In this cave was a panel of vegetable dye paintings of a scene showing the Pandavas and Draupadi. Sadly, it had already been scribbled on.

Narayana made us light agarbattis, which he had carried with him, and told us about the paintings. To me all this  seemed to point at attempts at making this a tourist destination, not just for the rocks, the caves and the waterfalls during the rainy season, but with a religious angle, which of course, attracts the most people.

We returned telling ourselves that we must go back there and explore all the six caves Narayana told us about. Apparently one cave is big enough to shelter 100 people from rain.

All in all, this was a very interesting discovery, and it is always nice to go to a place to which there are no signboards, and which is not thronged with tourists.


Kobita Dass Kolli said…
Super place!! Looks like it came out of a brochure! It would be great to just ramble around!
Bhaven Shah said…
Nice write up. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
As I had missed thid trip, I enjoyed reading the blog, and looking at the pictures. We travelled around Warangal in August, but missed these rocks. Hina made it with the group, and will be our guide I guess next time around!!


Amol Gokhale
(Hina's Husband)

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