Surabhi again!

This was the day I have been waiting for. Please read my earlier post "Surabhi: the India one must see...and be proud of" where I compared Surabhi to New York's Broadway.. 

In this post, I had said, "If people hadn’t heard about Surabhi, it is because this group of skilled performers have no means to get the right kind of publicity. They performed in Hyderabad, 5 days a week for six whole months, thanks to government patronage, but there was hardly any crowd despite the low priced ticket of Rs 15!"

I had also said, "It is a typical story of simple, genuine people, with huge talent, being forgotten, while all the attention is on those pseudo-intellectuals with their ‘nothing-on-the-stage-you-have-to-imagine-it' kind of theatre, which corporate giants patronise, and for which people spend Rs 500-Rs 2000 per ticket, and clap even as they wonder why they are clapping!"

Today, the Alliance Francais has priced the tickets for Surabhi at Rs 1000, Rs 3000 and Rs 5000! Yes, this is what Surabhi deserves! And what's more, they will be travelling to France! 

This was the day I have been waiting for. Go, Surabhi, go! 

And, thank you, Alliance Francais.


Anonymous said…
I am really happy for Surabhi,the real theatre and genuine stage artists.Thanks,ALLIANCE FRANCAIS.jAYA

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