June 24, 2013

LIFE AS I LIVE IT 1: Beneath the blue sky, some peace

I often take walks in the park, and the objective of my walks is to keep in shape and to spend time amidst trees. No closed gym spaces for me. I have been doing this for years, and enjoying it, discovering birds, insects and trees, chancing upon a pair of wrestling snakes one day and a boisterous grey hornbill couple on another. My walk was rewarded the other day by a peacock flying low against the bright blue of the sky -- a rare sight because there were no peacocks around that area! I was happy the rest of the day!

I go for walks at peak-housewife-activity hour...in the mornings, around 8 am, after dropping my daughter off at school. It is also a time when the thousands of morning walkers are out of the park and on their way to their busy worlds. My walks are timed because I need to get back and get on with my day after the luxury of a morning outing. So I walk briskly and try to take in as much as I can of a new day in the park, because, more than in human lives, each day in nature invariably brings something new. Suddenly the Rain trees begin to bloom, generously spreading their perfume, suddenly the ground is covered with weeds with the prettiest of flowers.

Like in most people's lives, my life too has its stresses. Tired and disgusted, I recently walked into Sanjeeviah Park in the afternoon because I felt the need for some peace and quiet. Instead of my usual brisk walk, I just sat on the grass, the cool breeze blowing against my face. I looked up at the blue sky and the monsoon clouds; I listened to a variety of bird song, I listened to the sweet music of rustling peepal leaves. And I slowly felt myself relax, and breathe better, and before I knew it, the world seemed like a better place. I returned home in peace.

It was such a simple thing to do...why hadn't I done this before, I wondered later. I realised I hadn't done it because I always felt I didn't have the time to simply sit and do nothing. My time had to be spent meaningfully at all times; it had to result in something. Walk was exercise and so justified. How wrong I was! And how happy I am to have discovered this simple truth!    

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