Monsoon watch 2013

Rains began a week early this year. While the normal date for the onset of monsoon is 7 June, in 2013, rains started on 1 June itself. In fact, in the last several years the first rains fell only in August or September. We spent our days looking at the sky, worrying and praying for it to rain. See monsoon watch of 2012.

In June, there were devastating floods in Uttarakhand and parts of Himachal Pradesh. More than 5700 people were presumed dead and several missing. This was India's worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami.

 In Hyderabad and the rest of AP also, there have been copious rains. It has been cloudy and raining continuously since the last one week. Hussainsagar is up to its brim, and people in the low-lying areas (Domalguda, Ashoknagar, Himayatnagar, etc) have been warned about this.

Yes, this year it is different.

27 July 2013: The damp phase is now over, and it is now sunny. But it still rains on and off. Woke up this morning to see puddles everywhere.

17 August 2013: It is raining still. We have had many many damp and wet days. Yesterday's paper reported a tragic story of a baby falling into the swirling waters of the Musi. She slipped from the arms of her father (an NRI doctor) and was swept away. Now, we have never associated Musi with water before...if anything, all we saw was a trickle. Earlier, in July, Hotel City Light in Secunderabad collapsed killing and injuring several people...dampened by rain, perhaps, among other factors.

This year is certainly different.

26 September 2013: Finally looks like the rains have stopped. It certainly has been a heavy-monsoon year. Yet it is only now they are saying that the catchment areas are filling up.

17 October 2013: It rained again today. Last week, just before Cyclone Phailin in Odisha and parts of AP, there was a downpour like entire lakes were being emptied from the sky. Today's Hindu has this article on the delayed end to the rains in several parts of India: When the rains don’t go away


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