October 21, 2013

The story of a pond...the story of our lives

In the 92-acre Sanjeeviah Park in Hyderabad, this was the only pond. I called it the lotus pond or the duck pond for obvious reasons. Anyone taking a walk down the path along the Hussainsagar side of the park would definitely stop to enjoy the beauty of this pond. When I saw the colours of this pond, I understood what might have inspired artists like Suryaprakash or Milind Naik or Claude Monet. 

I often stopped here, beneath the Kadamb trees, just to sit and not think, just to stare and wonder at how many shades green has, and to experience the serenity and the life in the pond. I watched a pair of coots busy making a nest amidst the grasses of the pond, and was hugely excited to see them with their family of five some weeks later!  

Quiet and serene... 

 ...the lotus pond

A cormorant drying its feathers 

 The greens...

That moment when I wished I could paint...

...and the joy when I spotted the coot family!

Then, rude shock.

In September this year, I saw that the pond had been cordoned off, and seemed like land-reclamation activity. I saw the state of the pond and was horrified. The water level had risen destroying the lotuses and the grasses, and the birds were nowhere to be seen. I asked around and was told that they were going to make a garden in place of the pond. Why?...Why?

This is what it looked like, after the human interference. 

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.” ― Baba Dioum (Senegalese poet and naturalist)

I have no other words. Just memories of something beautiful.

Did it have to be this way - HMDA?

Photos: Sadhana Ramchander; do use them to help the cause, but credit them to me.

Read this update on this story in November 2014

October 18, 2013

Random thoughts on turning 7 on blogosphere

I missed writing about this blog turning 7 in August. I remembered when I saw Bishwanath Ghosh's post about his own blog turning 8...it was he and a few others who had inspired me to start this blog.

As the words on my masthead say, Lens and Sensibility is "a meander up and down the lanes and bylanes that map my world..." The journey through these gallis, small and big, have been bitter-sweet, like most people's, but tremendously interesting, and I have tried on and off, to trek on paths I have never taken, simply to make my own life more interesting. I have not been able to record all these journeys here, because of constraints of time and sometimes, inhibition. The lack of privacy on the net is daunting, and I have sometimes felt like just disappearing from all social media. But I bounce back because I like sharing my life and experiences.  

I think people still read my blog...I am pleasantly surprised on and off by proof of this, such as Prince Rama Varma writing to me after reading my post about him. Sometimes, I 'advertise' on Facebook when I feel that a post is worth sharing with my friends...it gets a few eyeballs. No one seems to have the time to read anything more than a post on FB, and even that is only 'liked' and very rarely commented upon! This is fine...it is just the time we are in. But I must say people are sharing lives like never before, thanks to the ease with which this sharing can be done.  

On the 7th birthday of Lens and Sensibility, I gift this blog a photo I took, during a road trip across Himachal Pradesh with my cousins Harsha and Prabha, and a quote to go with it.

We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be 
to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time. 
 T.S Eliot

If not for anything else, this blog, which has begun feeling like home, is a record of my wanderings, and for this reason, it is worth keeping and maintaining. And if anyone is still coming here, need I to tell you how happy that makes me feel?!

October 16, 2013

Mail from Prince Rama Varma!

More proof of Prince Rama Varma's sense of humour. And humility. 

I got this email from him (yes!). He is referring to this post. Do check out the links he sent. 

Some Cute Telugu Songs :-)

Rama Varma 
Sep 20
to me
Namaste from Varma.

A friend of mine surprised me by sending a link to your
blog which had a photo of my concert at Saptaparni

So I thought I would surprise you in turn by sending
you these Cute Telugu songs sung and taught by this
Malayali guy, to Tamils, Kannadigas and so on :-)
Hope you will enjoy them :-)

Please feel welcome to share these with your Telugu loving
and/or Music loving friends if you like :-)

Bye for now and have a beautiful day!

Kind regards and good wishes,