October 16, 2013

Mail from Prince Rama Varma!

More proof of Prince Rama Varma's sense of humour. And humility. 

I got this email from him (yes!). He is referring to this post. Do check out the links he sent. 

Some Cute Telugu Songs :-)

Rama Varma 
Sep 20
to me
Namaste from Varma.

A friend of mine surprised me by sending a link to your
blog which had a photo of my concert at Saptaparni

So I thought I would surprise you in turn by sending
you these Cute Telugu songs sung and taught by this
Malayali guy, to Tamils, Kannadigas and so on :-)
Hope you will enjoy them :-)

Please feel welcome to share these with your Telugu loving
and/or Music loving friends if you like :-)

Bye for now and have a beautiful day!

Kind regards and good wishes,


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