Random thoughts on turning 7 on blogosphere

I missed writing about this blog turning 7 in August. I remembered when I saw Bishwanath Ghosh's post about his own blog turning 8...it was he and a few others who had inspired me to start this blog.

As the words on my masthead say, Lens and Sensibility is "a meander up and down the lanes and bylanes that map my world..." The journey through these gallis, small and big, have been bitter-sweet, like most people's, but tremendously interesting, and I have tried on and off, to trek on paths I have never taken, simply to make my own life more interesting. I have not been able to record all these journeys here, because of constraints of time and sometimes, inhibition. The lack of privacy on the net is daunting, and I have sometimes felt like just disappearing from all social media. But I bounce back because I like sharing my life and experiences.  

I think people still read my blog...I am pleasantly surprised on and off by proof of this, such as Prince Rama Varma writing to me after reading my post about him. Sometimes, I 'advertise' on Facebook when I feel that a post is worth sharing with my friends...it gets a few eyeballs. No one seems to have the time to read anything more than a post on FB, and even that is only 'liked' and very rarely commented upon! This is fine...it is just the time we are in. But I must say people are sharing lives like never before, thanks to the ease with which this sharing can be done.  

On the 7th birthday of Lens and Sensibility, I gift this blog a photo I took, during a road trip across Himachal Pradesh with my cousins Harsha and Prabha, and a quote to go with it.

We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be 
to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time. 
 T.S Eliot

If not for anything else, this blog, which has begun feeling like home, is a record of my wanderings, and for this reason, it is worth keeping and maintaining. And if anyone is still coming here, need I to tell you how happy that makes me feel?!


Your blog is always refreshing, reflective and thought provoking! I have continued to follow it - yes life becomes busy and we forget to return to some favorite spots -it is not like old times that one starts the morning with the favorite peice in the newspaper anymore! Plus it is daunting to express publicly some private thoughts- one reason I do not comment too much on face book! Keep blogging, Sadhana! I think you are generous and bold to share your gift of writing!
Thank you, Arundhati, for visiting this space and for the nice things you said. By the way, I still begin my mornings with coffee and newspaper!

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