Nature's show-and-tell

It was just another nature awareness class* when the children were to do a show-and-tell session. The previous week, Kobita and I did a session where we showed them a rain stick, ladels made of calabash from West Africa, some simple musical instruments made of bamboo, and a dazzling geode from Aurangabad.

That day, the children brought interesting objects to show us, and had just begun talking about them when we heard some commotion and a squealing sound on the trees above. We looked up and saw that a light brown-grey medium-sized bird of prey had caught a squirrel and was in the process of making a meal out of it. It looked like a shikra (left). The squirrel squealed for a while and then stopped. Some of the children were horrified but we told them that it was the law of nature that small creatures are predated upon by the larger ones, and that they didn't need to feel sorry for the squirrel!

The shikra sat on the branches and began enjoying its meal throughout the duration of the class. The next batch of children from the other section arrived. We then told them what had happened, and showed them the shikra sitting on the tree. The children became very excited and we discussed this incident for a while. Then the class began, and a little while later, we heard a swooshing sound from the tree. We looked up and this time we saw a kite (a larger bird compared with the shikra) swoop down and chase the shikra away. It then snatched the squirrel, and flew away!

In a little while, three crows came and pecked at the remains of the squirrel on the branch!

It was truly nature's show-and-tell class!

* Kobita and I do a gardening-nature awareness-traditional games class once a week in Vidyaranya High School. 
Images are from the internet.


Ajay said…
The lesson should be titled let nature take its "course"!
Though it appears, that nature has decided to have its own version of a "three course meal" ...
Ajay: Yes, interesting perspective!
Krishna CMR said… are doing a wonderful job.....keep it up.

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