February 07, 2014

Two things about the garden

Cordia's gift

I realise the last three posts have been about gardens! But there is something I want to record here. I have had the tree called Cordia sebestena since I laid out the garden in 2009. The tree was in bloom every single day of its life. I lost it last summer...first it shed its leaves and there were only blooms, and then it stopped blooming and just dried up. I can't figure out why.

Then, once summer was over, I started looking for another Cordia, but except for one nursery that had an almost full grown tree (unusually without flowers), I could not get a sapling anywhere, which disappointed me. I was waiting for the yearly Horticulture mela when I spotted, in one of the pots, a gift from the Cordia tree to me...two healthy saplings, ready to be transplanted!

Who says trees don't show affection?

The tree that didn't flower

African tulip trees usually flower when very young. I have seen even 6-month old trees bloom. But mine is more than 4 years old, and there was no sign of any flowers all these years. I gave up and reconciled myself thinking that even if there were no flowers, at least there was some greenery because of this tree. Then I read on the internet that if some cuts were made on the bark and holes made around the tree, the tree was likely to flower. I did that about 4 months back. The other day I told Vijay that maybe I would plant a flowering creeper and make it go up the tulip tree.

And then I saw them...the buds! Yes, without any doubt, there they were!

I wish fulfilled.   I know that my life will now be filled with bright orange! 

Who says trees don't get jealous?! 

(I won't post a photo of the precious buds because I am superstitious!)  

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