On our flight back from Pune after attending the Typoday 2014 in Symbiosis Institute of Design (Ragini's college), we saw these spectacular cloudscapes. We had heard that there had been a huge rain in Hyderabad, but having spent the day in sunny Pune, we forgot about the rain. It was great that Vijay asked for a window seat, and this is the show we witnessed. I had to reach out for my camera.

The question is: do you love clouds for being so cottony and breathtaking, or do you hate them for the turbulence they cause?!



kapil r said…
Your blogs on nature inspired me to start my own blog, but as usual I haven't been able to put finger on the keyboard yet. Once again, this post with such wonderful images rekindle the desire....I shall start soon!
Do start the blog. It is very rewarding.

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