July 17, 2014

Just look up...second edition!

And so, I printed the second edition!

In the third week of June, the ever-friendly Lakshmi of the charming store 'Either Or' in Pune called and told me that a customer was interested in buying 150 copies of "Just look up...". I discovered I had only about 50 copies left. Since a second edition had been on my mind, and since Lakshmi wanted them by the end of the month, I began work immediately. I had to carry out some corrections I had marked, I wanted to add a few more trees, and most importantly, I had to make sure that this edition had a spine, the lack of which was pointed out by several people in the earlier edition.

It was difficult to decide which trees to add...there are so many lovely trees! Finally, I narrowed down the selection to six trees: orchid tree, temple tree, crape myrtle, cannon ball tree, sausage tree and baobab. I did not have good photos for two of them and so, got them from my friends Kobita and Karthikeyan. We were lucky with baobab because the two trees we recently spotted on Chapel Road were spectacular in June...they had buds, flowers and fruit...something we hadn't seen earlier in Hyderabad. What's more, our inhouse photographer - Ragini - was in town!

Baobab is also called dead-rat tree and it really looked like a whole lot of dead rats were hanging by their tails! Look at it!

I accompanied Ragini to Pune, and carried the box of 150 copies and handed them over to Either Or. During my visit, I noticed that the store walls had been decorated with collages of various trees with flowers. I was delighted when they told me that the decor was inspired by my book! Either they have very good public relations or they really like "Just look up..."! Whatever, it made me very happy :).

I was curious about this buyer who wanted 150 copies of the book. It turns out she is an NRI passionate about the environment, and wants the copies to gift them to children on the occasion of her daughter's wedding in the US. So this heavy box of books will travel far!

This is indeed a good beginning to the second edition. I have many more boxes sitting in my house...and after being ditched by the Delhi-based distributor (IPDA) for the first edition, I now need to figure out how to distribute them myself. I am optimistic as I usually am...however, suggestions from well wishers are most welcome!  

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Mayank Bhatnagar said...

Congrats, Sadhana, this is great news :-)