October 13, 2014

Lens and Sensibility turns 8

Happy birthday, blog! You are probably feeling neglected for I don't visit as often as I used to, and don't write as often. Several reasons, one of them being too much noise...in the head, and outside.

Also, blogs are perhaps passe (accent on e), but I still find it a great space to pour out thoughts, without getting the Facebook kind of reactions...some likes, some comments, mostly superficial. Yet I continue to be part of Facebook mainly because I learn from it. People post useful, interesting links, and I get to do quite a lot of reading, and watch interesting videos and films. However, I do wish people (maybe even me!) would ask themselves one question before clicking on the 'Post' button..."Is this post boastful?" If the answer is "no", they should post it. Otherwise, not. But then, FB mainly thrives on narcissism, and all of us are willful victims!

Yes, the other thing is that there is so much writing happening everywhere that I sometimes wonder why I should add to it. And there is so much good writing happening that I feel I have nothing to contribute mainly because I am somewhat lazy and don't try too hard to write well because 'other people are writing anyway'! BAD attitude!!

The posts I DIDN"T write: 

In February-March, we attended the Typography Day 2014 at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune. We were curious to see what discussions on 'Typography and culture' -- the topic of this Typoday -- could be all about. We heard interesting talks ranging from why an Indian designer who studied in London suddenly decided to come back and work only for non-profit organizations to how a designer in Sri Lanka is working to bring about  peace in the country by developing a font common to both Sinhala and Tamil. I hope to write about this some time because it needs to be out there.

Last year, Kobita and I took sailing lessons and discovered a whole new world. I do need to write about this, as also about my timid entry into a swimming pool after the Omega we were sailing on capsized a couple of times (nothing to be alarmed about; it is the rite of passage in the world of sailing!).

End September, we took a much-needed break and drove to Sula Vineyards near Nashik, a 6-hour journey from Pune. The wine-making process is very interesting, and I hope to write this story too.

I wanted to write about the spectacular Bathukamma pandaga celebrations by our enthusiastic new government on Tank Bund early this month, but posted the photos on Big Bad Facebook instead! Here's the link to the photos.

The other thing that turned our world somewhat topsy turvy over the last year has been that my mother-in-law began to need more and more care and attention, mainly because of her dementia. Physical illness is one thing, but dementia is quite another thing. I do want to write about our experience some point.

Writing about death is very difficult. We lost our Aditya (cousin, friend, comrade) in an accident in June, and the whole event is painful, unbelievable, and wholly unfair and unnecessary. Perhaps we will never be able to completely comprehend that our fun-loving Aditya whose smile always ignited many more smiles, is no longer with us. It just seems like he is travelling or in office. Aditya was too young to know how to die, dammit. But he went. He went 50 years too early, just like that.

I read this somewhere: "Often I feel angry with death and the Gods. They take away the best in a way that leaves me inconsolable. I feel helpless not just because of the pain of missing them but because my world shrinks, my map of friendship collapses into empty outlines..."

With permission of his family, I post this delightful photo of Aditya. Miss you, friend.


kapil r said...

Even though you seem to have convincing reasons for not writing your blog, i wonder why I am eagerly looking forward to....there's some quality I can't put my finger on or words to...the teasers of blogs you 'did not write' sound interesting, & I hope you'll give them your 'treatment' soon....all the best!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Thank you for motivating me to write the Typoday post! The credit entirely goes to you.

kapil r said...

Glad I could help, Sadhana!