November 27, 2014

The duck pond comes back to life!

Today, I went to Sanjeevaiah Park today on a whim. The winter cold has set in -- 11 degrees in Hyderabad, and it was tempting to walk in the sun, along the Hussainsagar, the route that I used to take earlier, but don't take any more ever since the Duck Pond was destroyed. Well, today, I was in for a surprise.

The duck pond had been like this when I saw it destroyed in September 2014:

Totally shocked and agonized, I had written this blog post about it. Upon advice from my sailing instructor/friend Suheim Sheikh of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad, I sent the link to Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, to a few activists and NGOs working in this area and of course, posted it on Facebook.

Today, I found the pond like this:

Spot the purple moorhen in this photo!

Lots of ducks

Water lilies 

Shades of green

Thank you, Nature (god), for forgiving us, and for giving us one more chance. Thank you, HMDA, for changing your mind, whatever the reason.

BUT, the truth is that Nature will not always forgive us for the mistakes we repeatedly make. Humankind needs to put its arrogance aside, and understand this.