January 27, 2015

BluePencil's new book: "HydandSeek: A visual tribute to Hyderabad"

We worked hard. Real hard, on this book -- Lakshmi, Ragini and I. At the end of it, there was excitement, nervousness, tension. When the book came from the press, it looked perfect, as a new born baby looks to a mother. I suddenly felt possessive. I did not want to give any copies to anyone. Wanted to keep them all to myself and only give copies to Lakshmi and Ragini!

The launch is done. Unfortunately it was not a perfect event. But the time and place were more than perfect. Day 1, the festival book store told us we were the best sellers that day! Smiles and high fives! People said good things. It seemed like everyone was talking about this book.

There is a feeling of elation after the launch.

It is like a beautifully crafted paper boat is now sailing down a flowing river. Off it goes! We know not what path it will take, where it will go, what lands it will travel to.

As I said before, a book is like a child. It needs nurturing. Holding hands. Guiding. I hope we will be able to do all this with HydandSeek.

This is what the book looks like, in a book store.

And these are the people behind the book. 

 You can follow the story of HydandSeek as it happens on this Facebook page

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