Bits of my home that I love

I took these pictures during the summer of 2015. Perhaps this is a nostalgia trip. Perhaps it is to share these views with those who love Ratnakara - our childhood home - as much as I do. Please view the photos full screen. You'll really feel you are there!

Ratnakara has three varieties of mangoes - cheruku rasalu, suvarnarekha (seen here) and pickle mangoes. They are the best in the world...and I don't say this because I grew up here!
View from the terrace overlooking the front of the house 
 One part of the facade...I always loved the sun-dappled effect.

The garlic vine comes on to the terrace from these slits
The office has become something of an lawyers' offices still have this look? 
The Waiting children used to love this room...
...maybe because of the typewriter which fascinated them! 
The verandah...where we earlier had the most comfortable cane chairs,
on which I sat and read books and ate popcorn!
The pebble dash is an intrinsic part of Ratnakara's facade...
and it was very characteristic of the decade in which it was built (1968).
The cycas, which came as a sapling from Big House in Hyderabad.
If our house wasn't called Ratnakara, it would definitely have been called Bougain-villa!
We have plenty of dazzling bougainvilleas.
These attractive pillars add an element of colour, and are also much loved.
I still remember the time my parents decided on the name of our house, and planned to have two plaques - one in Sanskrit and one in Telugu. The house is named after my grandfather Ratnakar Rao,
and the credit for its design goes to my mother's brother Seetharam Koda.  

The Telugu lettering...and my parents' name plate
A coucal - usually a shy bird - walks in front of the gate towards the bushes on the right.
As children we used to swing on this gate, as did my children, and as many children do! 


jaya said…
Sadhana,A very touching tribute to Ratnakara.How very beautiful it is still after forty seven long years and more.I had taken its beauty for granted.Your photos and the write up opened my eyes all over again.Thanks,dear daughter.mummy
Mummy - Yes, Ratnakara is very beautiful. You won't be able to see since you live there and take care of it!
Aha, so Ratnakara has its own birds as well?

Lovely writeup Sadhana; you are indeed lucky to have grown up in such environs :-)
Yes, Anand. Lots of birds...the common ones, nothing exotic. Yes, I am lucky...besides the trees, there were lots of people - my parents and brother, seven uncles, two aunts, two grandmothers - and there were one or two dogs! Sport, music, nature were always part of Ratnakara :)
If you have old growth trees, there could be any number of "exotic" birds too :-) Shikras, Owls, Paradise Flycatchers and the never know with birds!

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