Weather watch: Monsoon 2015

Photo of a beautifully lit up Saidanuma's Tomb 
taken from the car during the big rain.
There were rains in the first week of March and April. Summer wasn't really very hot until May. End May, it became very intense...on 28 May, I wrote on FB: "Bahar nikle toh dhoop thappadaan maarri baap!" (not my words...borrowed from Twitter). 

On 28 May again, I wrote, "Lagaan dance moment". So it was very hot and then it rained! 

And then it rained on 4 June, when I wrote, 
"Raindrops are falling on my head...
😊...and there is BIG rain. Take the heat away, rain!" 

We drove to Necklace Road and all along, saw the elaborate and grand lighting to celebrate Telangana formation week.  

20 June, when we went to Warangal, it was raining continuously. Really, became a little boring after a point. Apparently it was raining in Hyderabad also. Yes, and one day in the last week on June, it rained quite heavily and then Maloo and I reached the pool early and swam in the rain! It was awesome!

5 July: No rains for the past one week, and it is becoming hot and humid, like last year. Not yet as unbearable as it was in 2014. Predictions are that it will be like this for the next two weeks. 

29 July:There were two spells of rain on 27 July, the second quite heavy for about 45 minutes. Apart from that nothing. Not much humidity, though. 

It had better rain in August.

7 August: No major rains as yet. There have been random cloudbursts, though. Rains for 5-10 minutes and stops. Raining in other parts of India, though. Floods in West Bengal. Continuous rain in Maharashtra. 

10 August:  It is cloudy, and sultry at times. However, weather is mostly comfortable and some mornings you need a blanket. But the rain gods are still angry with Telangana and AP. 

16 August: I wrote on FB: "Just happy. The rain gods smiled down on us this morning." 

17-31 August: There were just two big rains, both at night - during one, there was such loud thunder that Ragini said she thought the world was ending! I slept through both these rains, though (whaaaaat?)! 

6 September: Beginning September, there were two showers, both for about 15 minutes each. 3 September was 36 degrees - the hottest in 88 years, apparently. This surely is climate change. 

Someone wrote this on FB today:  ...rains in june, then one in mid july and then rains in last week of august...most lands are dry and parched and most farmers lost crops....climate change...but the positive sign - the lands with organic matter and chemical free soils, have managed to retain the crops - as organic soils have greater capacity to store moisture for longer time...and so folks, finally my neighbours are noticing that it pays to stay natural and chemical free...


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