Blog birthday: Being king, queen, jester for 9 years!

It was in 2006 that I started blogging. In my first post I said, "This is my kingdom and I am the king, queen, jester, everything. :)" And so I have been, these 9 years, and the thing I have enjoyed most is having the freedom to write whatever I want.

I realise that one thing about my writing is certain - I write only when I feel like writing, and so I hope I am right when I say that my writing has been mostly spontaneous.

I also like to share my thoughts and my life with people. Sometimes I wonder whether my writing would be considered attention-seeking or boastful. Especially when I write travel posts. I like to experience new places and try to travel as much as my busy life allows me to, and writing about travel gives me as much pleasure as the travel itself, and it is also a record of moments. So the intention is definitely not to shout from the rooftop.

I discovered new interfaces that my children's generation uses for their writing such as Medium, and thought I'd shift from Blogspot to one of those, but somehow this seems like home. And in that respect, I am conservative...I tend to go with the familiar and love my comfort zones! So as of today, I think I'll stick to Lens and Sensibility having the same look and feel, but I might change my mind...let's see.

Looking back on the last one year, I think my blogposts have been very meaningful but quite heavy! So I should probably lighten up a bit...still didn't get down to writing humour!

So a promise to myself to write some humour in the coming year...I will begin with a post titled, "Living with a DIY guy". You think you know what to expect?...NO, you don't!

Love to you dear reader...keep coming back. 


Anonymous said…
Sadhana - Your blog posts are honest, simple, and just plain interesting. There's zero "look at me" or "woe is me" about them, and they are not particularly "heavy" either. And for anyone who was from Hyderabad and/or Warangal during the 70s and 80s, a nice way to reconnect.

So I check in every now and then with my Sunday coffee and am invariably gratified to have done so. Thank you.
jaya said…
wish you many many happy returns of the day,LENS AND SENSIBILITY.We all love to share the experiences of the blogger for many more years to come Jaya
Thank you, Anon (would love to know who this is) and Mom. Always nice to see comments!

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