November 19, 2015

Rabbit hole for the soul

Dark greens, light greens
Curly greens of coffee
Climbing greens of pepper
Straight greens of paddy
Shiny grey-greens of silver oaks
Bright greens of designer ferns
Misty greens of the hills
Shadowy greens far away
Fresh greens of happy shrubs

Red, green, yellow coffee berries
Dots of cheerful yellow flowers
Thick-set lavender bougainvilleas
Tender reds of new leaves 
Bright crimson and cream poinsettias
Bursts of multi-hued wild flowers
Bashful purples of touch-me-nots
Smiling violets of morning glories
Greys of a sky that's friends with the hills
Orange glows when the sun braves its way out

Pitter patter of rain
Bird song, bird song!
Far away, the bark of a dog
The cawing of the ubiquitous crow
The cooing of the mountain imperial pigeon
Faint sounds of dropping leaves
The gentle s-s-s-swaying of areca nut palms
And the delightful quiet of human absence...
Even on Deepavali!

True that, when they say that Coorg is a rabbit hole for the soul.


12 February 2016

Adding to the charms of Coorg...I kept a menu from a small restaurant called, The taste of Coorg because this was written on it, by the person who started it: 
"Growing up in Madikeri was one of the best things that happened to me. Catching butterflies, hunting for crabs, running kites, sailing paper boats in puddles, endless fights with my little sisterand of course, Amma's amazing food (my granny). Here's an endeavor to bring you the flavors of this beautiful place that is so close to my heart. It is the taste of childhood. I hope you enjoy it."   

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