January 22, 2016

Why I don't like INOX...

- It is too closed in, and gets very claustrophobic as you approach it.
- The kiosks where you punch in long numbers are complicated, and don't work well.
- Why kiosks when the chap behind the glass can hand over the ticket?
- The girls who check your bags look like they will punch you in the face if they find something in your bag...such as food items or a water bottle. They should ideally be posted at the India-Pakistan border.
- All this makes me tense...am I there for entertainment or for a CT scan?!
- The place is overly ostentatious...why all the sparkle? It is after all just a movie theatre!
- Loos are too shiny, and I feel like I will drown in the shimmering floor.
- Signage to the loos is confusing, and there is an impatient person standing there like a traffic policeman, guiding men to men's loos and women to women's loos.
- Food is crazily over priced.
- Food is disgustingly expensive..
- Food costs a bomb.
- And then the popcorn smell kindles pangs of hunger and they don't let you carry even a packet of biscuits.
- They don't even let you carry water.

- I feel terribly controlled.
- I DON'T like being controlled.

INOX - I don't like the concept on which someone made you. I promise I will avoid coming to your glamorous surroundings unless a movie I am desperate to watch is not showing anywhere else.

Give me Prasads any day.

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