February 04, 2016

A special moment in BluePencil's life

I drove back from Pragati after picking up with the Jan 2016 issue of 'Insider - the power of design'. I have done this many times earlier - bringing back a new publication from press, keeping it on the seat next to me, and looking at it with happiness at every traffic light! But this colourful magazine is a milestone of sorts.

'Insider' is the quarterly magazine of the Institute of the Indian Interior Designers - Hyderabad Chapter. Ragini and I attended meetings, met enthusiastic, interesting people, and worked closely with them to take the magazine through the various iterations. This issue will always be special for me because it is the first publication I worked on with Ragini.

It was great fun working on Insider. This issue has articles of interest to me - the Charles Correa story (he's the architect who designed Sabarmati Ashram) and a feature on Warangal carpets are especially close to my heart. I have always been interested in architecture and interiors, and I am glad this magazine came our way.

Postscript: Alas, things turned bad when we asked for payment we deserved for the work we did and the value addition we gave the magazine. 

We feel let down that they did not even want to have a dialogue about this issue of payment. We have worked too hard for too little money, but in the long run, it is their loss. If only this team had the professionalism and maturity to understand the value our service, Insider has the potential to be a fine magazine. 

As for us, we learnt a few important lessons.  

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