Our work for HLF 2016

So we are on to BluePencil Version 2.0. Different kind of work. Mostly local.

We were asked if we could take on the design and branding of Hyderabad Literary Festival 2016. While my motto has been never to say no to interesting work, I would not have taken this on but for Ragini just having become a design graduate, and being based in Hyderabad.

The brief was vague, and we thought it was just the backdrop for the stages, an invite, and some signage. But this was just the tip of the iceberg, and we ended up doing everything from the torans to T-shirts, signage, banner, posters, hoardings and so on. It was the first time we saw our work spread out over such a large area - the magnificent Hyderabad Public School.

Some lessons were learnt, but all in all, a terrific experience for Ragini and me. There was gracious eulogy for our work, and the ultimate compliment was when the art room was named, 'BluePencil Art Room'. My heart overflowed, for as I said before, BluePencil is my third child!

Here's an overview of the creative work we did.

Invite, coupons, posters
Signage being priinted
The T-shirt bandi!
Ragini with her creation...the motif was much appreciated :)
Flags, torans...
The general ambience. This direction board was designed at
1 am the day before HLF started!
More signage

Schedules, venue name and entrance panels.
Posters for movie screening and 'Story of light'. 
The colourful ceiling of L2 matched the rest of the colour scheme,
and looked spectacular. Not our work, though. 
Sanjay in front of Ragini's backdrop. :)
 Team BluePencil 
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