April 03, 2016

Graffiti from the gallis of Bandra

On the Kala Ghoda trip, we went to Bandra to meet Rachna Chhachhi, my nutrition therapist and now a good friend. As always, it was great seeing her, and chatting up with her. Then, Ragini and I decided to try and find the graffiti in some of the lanes. We went to Chapel Road where we were delighted to see some of the graffiti we had read about!

The fun here is in the discovery...the paintings are in all kinds of unexpected places. Nothing planned, nothing predictable! I definitely would like to go back and discover more.

Here are 20 images. Please enlarge so you don't miss the details.

Did you know that momos were shy?
This has to be in Bollywood's Bombay!
A very Kalamkari-ish fish!
Going to the market to get veggies...she looks so real!  
Don't miss the little guy painting the big guy while standing on his palm :)
Yep, the bike's mine!

Err...I'm Jack and I'm about to climb the beanstalk. Hope you like my fez! 
Four ears, head split open, and you can see his humerus
(that's the word for elbow bone)
Flowers in front of a flowery font.
There's Mickey and Minnie Mouse too...who would've thought? 

She has to be a Math teacher. 
So pigeons have a secret life?!
Isn't this whole wall real sexy?!
Graffiti building, a scooter and two kids on bicycles.
Doesn't the bike complete the picture?
"This is not a selfie opportunity"...
This one's right outside Shah Rukh Khan's house.
Photos copyright Sadhana Ramchander. Please give credit if you use these somewhere.
Another interesting blogpost on Bandra's street art

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