#HDFCLife - Chapter 2

A couple of weeks after I wrote my earlier blog post "Being controlled by big brother", where one of the stories was about #HDFC Life, I discovered that the company reads blogs and has a voice. One of their employees called me saying that they had read my blog and wanted to know details of the policy. I was overjoyed that someone had taken note. But I asked him why I should give him details over the phone. He said I could email them to the official id. I did this.

He called again the next day, apologised and said that I had a point when I said that #HDFCLife should have given me a choice of taking back the money I paid or keeping it with them for the rest of my life. He was polite and sounded genuinely interested in helping me. He then wanted to know a specific reason why I wanted the money...he said he would have to tell his seniors and convince them. I told him I wanted it for my daughter's education. He said, okay and that he would get back to me.

Three or four phone calls later, he asked me whether I received a letter from #HDFCLife in December 2015. I said I did not remember. He started reading out the letter and said that I should look at it, and that he would call again the next day so we could discuss it. I retrieved the letter from my file and read it. There was no information in it telling me that that was the time for me to ask for my money to be returned. It just said the policy was maturing, blah blah, and that if I had any queries, I should write back.

I waited for his phone call the next day. He never called back.

Soon after, I got a mail from #HDFCLife saying that I had no option to take the amount back. The point about not being given the information was not addressed at all.

So #HDFCLife...thank you for the phone calls, but I still have the same grouse against you. You should have given me the information earlier. I am not happy with your product and I want my money back.


Besides, #HDFCLife, your ads asking me to record my memories for my children on your website are most annoying. STOP SENDING THEM AT ONCE. Who the hell are you to invade my privacy?

I will talk about my bad experience everywhere. And that's a promise.      



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