September 05, 2016

A thank you note to my government

In February 2015, I had written a worried note about some announcements made by the Telangana government, a few of these being building a stadium in NTR grounds, bringing the Osmania Hospital building down, emptying Hussain Sagar and building skyscrapers, and replacing the outer periphery of KBR Park with a road, which meant cutting down several trees and blasting beautiful rock formations.

So far, so good. None of these threats have been carried out. Perhaps the decision makers are busy with more important issues! Let's hope they never have the time to do these terrible things.

On the other hand, I must give credit where it is due. This is a thank you note to the Telangana government for some of the improvements I see around me. Except for random outages, power cuts have become a thing of the past, Mission Kakatiya seems to be a huge success, and in my area of interest, the parks in Hyderabad are getting more and more beautiful by the day, and open spaces have, so far, been left alone.

There's something new in Sanjeevaiah Park every other day, and it has expanded even! Earlier, I used to see the typical blue wall cordoning off a large area, and I was sure some horrible constructions would come up there. So what a pleasant surprise when I found the wall gone and a new garden in its place, complete with trees to suit various zodiac signs. It is in this area that the huge flag has now been installed, instead of the world's tallest tower announced earlier (shudder, shudder!).
The 291-ft high flag set up to mark the 2nd birthday of Telangana. The flag itself is 72-ft high and 108-ft wide, making it the second largest in India (the tallest is in Ranchi, Jharkhand at 293 ft)

The butterfly garden in Sanjeevaiah Park is awesome...the number of butterflies you see there in season is unbelievable!

I spotted a young peacock and a peahen in this park for the first time!
KBR Park: We are so lucky to have a natural forest in the heart of the city. This park, apart being a fantastic lung space, also gives an opportunity for urban dwellers to walk in a forest, spot small animals and birds, and plenty of peacocks. Let us please keep it this way.
Thank god there is no landscaping done in this park! It is very important to retain wild plants, which are often referred to as 'weeds'. 
There are peacocks aplenty in KBR. Porcupines too have been noticed by quite a few people. 
Indira Park is closest to my home and I go there often. While I get depressed seeing the state of the water body in this park, there have been other improvements. The government nursery, that was in a bad state, is now lush and has a wide variety of plants.

The nursery looks green and well cared for.
There's supposed to be water here! And facilities for boating.
In general, the water bodies in Indira Park and Sanjeevaiah Park need to be restored.
The other side of the bridge is lovely, though!
 Thank you, Telangana, for these small, but very important improvements.

Now that I am feeling hopeful, how about doing some smart planning
to ease the traffic situation, guys :)?


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