Monsoon 2017 - The rains don't stop!

My city gets used to rains
October has never been like this. It is 7 October and we just had a huge rain, albeit without lightning and thunder. It has still been raining a lot - every day - it feels pretty much like the beginning of the rainy season. A lot of thunderstorms this year, the last one being on 2 October, when a 13.2 inch rainfall (in a day) broke a 100+ year record. It was in 1903 that there was 11.7 inches of rain on a single day in Hyderabad!

It has been raining almost continuously, although I did not note down the days of rain. The rainy season started on time, in June, unlike in previous years when it would start only in August.

I will now record rainfall here, at least until it stops! We are ready for winter.

8 October 2017: Huge rain 1-1.30 pm. Some loud thunder.

It was finally in the second week of October that the rains stopped falling, just in time for Deepavali.

But, as of 28 Oct, it is not cold at all. Very very disappointing weather. I pine for the days when I had different clothing for different seasons. Now it is cotton all the time.

Hopefully November will be cold. 


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