Maqtha Art District

It was in 2016 that we discovered with excitement and happiness, the street art at the basti near the car parking on Necklace Road, called Maqtha. Double delight this year, when Maqtha has been declared an art district, and a lot more murals added, making the already buzzing basti, an explosion of colour!

This public art project has been taken up by St+art Foundation that works across cities in India, their aim being to make art accessible to everyone. Maqtha Art District is the third in India, the first two being Lodhi Art District in Delhi and Mahim (E) Art District in Mumbai.

There are four areas - Green gully, Yellow gully, Pink gully and Blue chowk, and arrows along the way lead to the paintings. However, in some places, the markings are not easy to follow and it is a bit of a struggle to find them...but as in any basti, there are other interesting things to admire, so the walk is well worth it!

Just hoping that this initiative will help improve other amenities in Maqtha, such as roads and sanitation.

Green gully

A mixture-seller walks down the Yellow gully

Her dress seems to be so well coordinated that she could've been part of the painting! 

Holding up the blue and pink together!

Children of Maqtha seem to be loving the colours and the attention!

Weaver bird nests and motorbikes!

Everything blue...this is work in progress at the Blue chowk. 

Busy watching colours coming to life...


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