TREES I MEET - Variegated sea hibiscus - A beautifully patterned tree!

I first spotted a variegated sea hibiscus in Basheerbagh, near Balaji supermarket. I was stunned by its beauty, having never seen it anywhere earlier. The chore of grocery shopping became a little more enjoyable, and I looked at it each time I went into that galli. But natural things don’t last in urban spaces - the tree was between two small shops, and one of the shop owners felt that his wares were not visible because of the tree, and it soon fell victim to an axe. How easy it is, to cut a tree, and how flimsy a reason for doing so. 

When we had a chance to choose a few trees, we planted one in Vidyaranya, and happy to say it is thriving there.

The tree you see in these photos is in an office compound in Hitech City. It is a glorious tree - lush and multi-coloured. For the first time, we also observed a flower on it, but were told that unlike the plain-leaved Sea hibiscus, which I have already written about, this flower does not change colour.

Scientific name is Hibiscus tiliaceus ‘tricolor’. I did not find any local names. Do tell me, if you know of any.


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