Want be rich? Get this tree!

Money tree (Pachira aquatica) - good for your finances!

This is a native of Central and South America. The tree in the photos is outside the cactus garden in Sanjeevaiah Park. I saw the flower and the huge fruit in March. It is also called Malabar chestnut, French peanut and Guiana chestnut, and is sold as an ornamental, sometimes with a braided trunk.
See the photo in full size to see the delicate flower with banana-peel like petals and yellowish orange stamens. Nuts that taste like groundnuts are inside a large woody pod. Apparently, the leaves and flowers are also eaten!
According to Wikipedia, the name ‘money tree’ refers to a story where a poor man prayed for money, found this ‘odd’ plant, took it home as a good omen, and made money selling plants grown from its seeds! In Taiwan, these trees are symbolically associated with good financial fortune and are typically seen in businesses, sometimes with red ribbons or other auspicious ornamentation attached.


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