Becoming famous, what to do?!

Kobita and I used to talk about what we would do if someone wanted to write about us. We had decided that we would say no, mainly because we wanted to keep it simple and because we didn't want expectations to rise once people knew about our work.

However, when we were first approached by Wow! Hyderabad for a story, we could not say no! "It's a good cause...", we told ourselves..."let people know about it". But we insisted on reading the story before it was published, and are grateful to Mallik Thatipalli for letting us read it and make a few changes. Here's his writeup published in the March issue of the magazine. Love the photos and the layout of the page. Our thanks to Mallik, for the writeup, and Ratna Shekhar for featuring it in Wow! Hyderabad.

Very soon after this was published, I got a call from Prabalika Borah of The Hindu, and she wanted to do a story on us. It seemed too soon after the first one, but again, somehow we could not say no. I guess we are only human! The photo shoot was a disaster. After the photographer took a few photos, he tried to jump a fence to get a better angle, and badly twisted his ankle in the process. We felt really bad for him. Could not also finish the chat with the writer. We did that subsequently on the phone. We were disappointed when we were told that The Hindu's policy does not allow interviewees to see the article before it is published. Anyway, the photoshoot happened on Saturday, and the next Tuesday's (13 March 2018)  newspaper had the article. Nice article, but the photo was really bad. Composition was good, but our expressions didn't go with what she had written about us! I am looking particularly bad :(. Still trying to get over this, but it is an exercise in acceptance, I guess. Much like looking at your Aadhaar or Voter id photos! Here's the article. And the link.

The very same day, Harsha sent me images of an article in Pune Mirror about ID-ing trees. It had a photo of "Just look up..." and said nice things about it in the para that also mentioned Pradip Krishen's book! This made me really happy. I once again realised how close to my heart "Just look up..." is.

I guess being featured is a good thing, but all this attention has made me want to hide under the bed!


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