Monsoon watch 2018

During summer of 2018, there were some thunderstorms, and each time, it rained quite a lot. There were gales, bringing down many trees. Lots of copper pods and gulmohurs fell. I saw plenty of fallen trees in Indira park. Going to get the car for servicing, I saw a huge Copper pod fallen on a scooter.

Rains were supposed to be on time. 7 June. But they actually started around 1 June itself. Then there were dry days after 7 June. If I remember right, it did rain a bit on and off in June. 22 June - huge rain in the night at 7.30 pm. I had planned to go for a play in Ravindra Bharati but could not go.

3 July we went to Goa and saw the copious rains there. Friends in Hyderabad were grumbling about the no-rain situation. We got back from Goa on 7 July, and brought a huge rain with us. It rained all the way back from the airport. I took this picture :)

After that some rain on and off. For about two weeks in July it was very cloudy and cold. Did not go for swimming because of this. Then it became dry and hot, and people started worrying about lack of rain.One thing different this year is that we are having a lot of winds that seem to blow away the clouds.

4 August 2018: We are already into August and it still seems to be dry. It is also hot. We started putting on the AC in the office some days. There is restlessness. Farmers are worried. IMD forecast says that there will be no rains for 3 weeks in August. I am hoping the rain will prove them wrong again. 5-10 minutes cloudbursts the last 2-3 days. Today too it rained for 10 minutes. Waiting for a big rain. 
Wed 8 Aug: 5-min cloud burst twice.
Thu 9 Aug: 20-min rain, then after some hours, a 30-minute rain. Again rained in the night.
Sat 11 Aug: Continuous drizzle for 20 hours. Perhaps the effect of Kerala flooding.

This, is the newspaper on 12 Aug:

13-19 Aug 2018: A week of light to heavy rain. The night between 15th and 16th, there was continuous rain, and on 16th, steady drizzle from 1.30 pm. Sporadic rain on 17th, and a lot of rain from 3 pm on 19th. We go for a tree walk in the rain!

21 Aug 18: This article in the newspaper today. So looks like good rainfall after all!

23 Aug 18: Stiff half an hour rain around 7pm.
Dry and hot weather for a few days. 

1 Sep: Rain for 15 min.

11 Sep: After hot and humid weather for a few days, a huge huge rain, starting around 4.45 pm and pouring down till about 6 pm. Thunder and lightning, not noticed in earlier rains this season. Streeds in Himayatnagar flooded. Traffic jams. 



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